Baby Bottle Warmer, Steam Sterilizer & Baby Food Heater, 3-in-1 with Evenly Warming Breast Milk or Formula, Accurate Temperature Control, Bottle Brush and Tongs Included


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Product Description

About the product:
A majority of babies tend to have their bottle when they wake up, but you never know their wake-up time,
so you don't know what is the appropriate time to warm bottles.
In most cases, the rest of the milk will be poured or wasted.
Do your have the same problem?

If you have our baby bottle warmer, your baby will no longer yell for food.
Because this warmer can evenly heating bottles and keep the optimal feeding temperature for baby so that you can feed your angel whenever you want.

*** About the heating time***
According to environmental factor,
such as elevation above sea level, atmospheric pressure, the bottle temperature or room temperature,
all the estimated time are approximate and may vary slightly.

Milk can be warmed gently and evenly from frozen, fridge or room temperature.
If you want to warm milk fast, you'd better turn the knob to "Heat Food" mode for 2-3 mins and then turn back to "Warm milk" mode to accelerate thawing.

Rated voltage: 120V
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Rated power: 150W
Temperature range:95?- 212?
Item Size:7.87'' X5.90'' X 3.15''

Package Including:
1×Bottle Warmer
1×User Manual


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