Mixie Baby 2-Pack 8 oz. Bottles


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Product Description

Description: Mixie Baby 2-in-1 Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle - Made in the U.S.A. Are you frustrated with mixing formula bottles on the go? Ever spill formula everywhere in the process of a midnight feeding? Don't worry-Mixie is here! Introducing the first baby formula bottle that can be fixed now and mixed later. Babies and busy parents love Mixie because hunger simply has no patience. This very smart, one-of-a-kind baby formula bottle is so expertly designed, it can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time. Just pop the button to release the powder formula & shake to blend. Mixie's compartment lid acts as a free-floating agitator to effectively mix formula while eliminating powder clumps The result? A solution so perfect it satisfies the little one and everyone in the family is happy. This set includes (2) 8oz bottles and (2) Stage 2 Wide-Neck, Silicone Nipples, vented to minimize colic symptoms.


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