Rejuvenate Pre-Saturated Restorer Wipes Penetrating Formula Restores Shines and Protects Faded, Oxidized, Sun-Damaged Outdoor Surfaces – 5-Pack


US $13.32

Product Description

Restore and protect your faded, oxidized and water damaged outdoor possessions with five individually wrapped Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes. The technologically advanced formula penetrates deep to restore weathered indoor and outdoor surfaces to a brilliant shine. Each box of saturated wipes covers up to 100 square feet and easily restores, renews and protects vinyl, plastic, stone, fiberglass, metal and more. The non-greasy, no-slip formula instantly eliminates years of damage and protects from future oxidation, fading, UV damage and water damage. Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes work to restore rich deep color on your car bumpers, siding, grills, outdoor furniture, shutters, mailboxes, aluminum & plastic fencing, lighting fixtures, exterior doors, lawn equipment, tool and outdoor decorations. Wear protective gloves when applying the fast-drying formula to your indoor and outdoor items. For best results, first clean and dry the item being treated to remove any surface dirt, dust or grime. One application of Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes instantly restores color and shine to indoor and outdoor surfaces and provides years of protection - heavily oxidized items may require a second coat. Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes – Reveal the Beauty to Make It New Again. Best in class products. Made in the USA.


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